Wolfram 9.6 - Realms Support, Improved Hacks, Bugfixes

Wolfram 9.6 - Realms Support, Improved Hacks, Bugfixes


  • Added Realms support. (MC 1.12)

  • AutoArmor will now consider the Protection enchantment when calculating armor strength.

  • AutoArmor will no longer try to swap armor pieces while the player is moving.

  • AutoArmor will now prefer armor pieces of better materials, even if the number of defense points is the same.

  • AutoArmor will no longer swap armor pieces in a predictable order.

  • AutoTool will now consider the Efficiency enchantment when calculating the speed of a tool.

  • AutoTool will now switch to an empty slot when no applicable tool is found.

  • Fixed AutoTool trying to use tools (and swords) in creative mode.

  • Fixed some compatibility issues with 1.12.2 servers. (MC 1.12)

  • Smaller fixes and improvements.


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