Wolfram 5.1 - Smart ChestESP, Watchdog Bypass & More

Wolfram 5.1 - Smart ChestESP, Watchdog Bypass & More


  • ChestESP will now remember which chests you opened and mark them with different ESPs to remind you whether or not they are empty (a.k.a. Smart ChestESP).

    This is limited to 64 chests per type and resets once you disable ChestESP or restart the client. Also note that it only updates the chests when you open them. For instance, if someone else places an item in a chest that was empty when you last opened it, ChestESP will still show it as empty.

  • Redesigned ChestESP. It will now use the following colors for its ESPs:

    • green = normal chest

    • orange = trapped chest

    • purple = ender chest

    • bright color = never opened

    • darker color = already opened, but not empty

    • gray box with colored frame = already opened, empty

  • Added Watchdog Bypass: Bypasses Watchdog, Gwen, etc. by preventing Killaura from attacking their fake entities. This is enabled by default, but can be disabled by unchecking the “Watchdog Bypass” checkbox in the Killaura window.

    Notice: If you don’t have that checkbox, you can get it by resetting the GUI to its defaults (GUI Options > Presets > Default).

  • PlayerESP will no longer draw a box around invisible entities, making those fake entities spawned by various AntiCheat plugins a bit less annoying.

  • Redesigned PlayerESP: It’s now a simple box rather than a round cage, making it much easier to see the actual player inside of the ESP frame and also making it less laggy when a lot of players are nearby.

  • Added default settings for X-Ray

  • Wolfram’s “Block Overlay” will no longer render while using Freecam so that the overlay won’t render inside of your head and obstruct your vision.

  • Renamed KillAura to Killaura

  • Fixed AirMove breaking Flight

  • Fixed ProphuntESP causing a ton of lag sometimes

  • Fixed GUI Presets breaking the Tab GUI

  • Fixed Tracers wobbling around when walking


Downloads for this version are no longer available.

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